Chia Chia

Back Goh Chia Chia Analyst Linkedin Chia Chia is an Analyst at MORROW Intelligence. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Economic Development at Peking University. Prior to her current role, Chia Chia served in several research roles, including at the Chandler Institute of Good Governance. Chia Chia has also been involved in multiple research […]

Nicole Lum

As a believer in the transformative power of the built environment, Nicole is committed to helping clients navigate uncertainty and challenge imaginaries by driving the research and thinking as a Consultant at MORROW Intelligence (MI).   

Prior to MI, Nicole served four years in the public service at the Centre for Liveable Cities. There, she led an urban planning research study for the Long-Term Plan Review (LTPR) and contributed to ministry-wide policy reviews with analyses of global liveability indices and strategic foresight. She also authored papers on new governance models and city resilience. 

Nicole sits on the Urban Land Institute Singapore Young Leaders Committee and holds a Bachelor’s in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore. 

Saravanan Sugumaran

Back Saravanan Sugumaran Managing Director Linkedin Twitter Saravanan heads MORROW Intelligence (MI) and is experienced in addressing complex urban and social development challenges. He has co-authored both the Soft Power Index as well as the Good Governance Index, while also contributing as an analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index.   He previously completed […]

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